Summer Corrie

Summer Corrie




A Different Night                          Principle                              Vassar Student Film, NY

Spin Slowly                                   Lead                                   Independent Short, NY/T. George McArdle

Dropping Keys                              Lead                                   Student Film, PA/David Olsen

Go Unnoticed                                Lead                                   Student Film, PA/Elaine Rosa

Poughkeepsie Live                         Principle                              Time Warner Cable 6, NY



Hudson Valley Renegades              Lead                                   Full Frontal Features, NY

Twelve Days of Christmas               Principal                             WSBG Radio Station, PA

Video Tutorial                                Lead                                  Interview Success, NY



Hair                                              Tribe                                   The Gallery Players, NY/Steven Smeltzer

West Side Story                             Shark Girl/Dancer               Shawnee Playhouse, PA/Carmela Mayo

Sight Unseen                                 Grete                                  Tangent Theatre Co, NY Michael Rhodes

The Masque of the Red Death        Beauty                                Flying Swine Prod., NY/Donald Kimmel

Read Into Me                                Woman                               One-Woman Show, PA/self-directed

Next                                             Directed                              Stage II Productions, PA/Summer Corrie

Romeo & Juliet                              Lady Capulet                       E. Stroudsburg Univ./Stephanie French

A Midsummer Night’s Dream         Helena                                E. Stroudsburg Univ./Dr. Margaret Ball

Of Thee I Sing                              Ensemble/Dancer                 Pocono Lively Arts, PA/Susan Jordan



MAAZE/Plum Muffinz                   Lead Vocalist                      Various venues throughout NYS

Check the Box Album                     Featured Vocalist                 Rebecca Coupe Franks

Poughkeepsie Live                         Featured Vocalist                 Cable 6 Television

Twelve Days of Christmas               Vocalist                               WSBG Radio Station, PA

Music Makers for Film                    Featured Vocalist                 Independent Artists Collaborative, NY

Benefit Concerts                            Headlining Vocalist              Delaware Water Gap’s Lawn o’ Music, PA

Parlor Recital                                 Featured Guest Vocalist       Cecilia Cohen Hall, PA

National Anthem                           Selected University Soloist   E. Stroudsburg University Graduation

Cabaret Acts                                 Soloist/Dancer                    Shawnee Inn, PA

Jazz Ensemble                               Vocalist                               Cecilia Cohen Hall, Bob Dorough



Theatre/Musical Theatre:

•BA in Theatre with a minor in Music (concentration on vocal performance, including classical) from East Stroudsburg University, PA.

•Oxford University’s Myth & Ritual course of study and performance.

•NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and CAP 21 Conservatory’s Professional Musical Theatre Training Program.

Voice: Ann Paynter, Terry Flatt, Dr. Margaret Ball, & Bill Daugherty.

Dance: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, & Hip-Hop.


Special Skills: Massage therapist, Nia (combination of dance, martial arts, & yoga) teacher, Kundalini yoga, Lead singer in various rock/soul bands, Softball, Bowling, Passport Ready.