Summer Corrie

Summer Corrie is a singer who has been called to do just that, sing. Songs seem to come through her and sweep her up in a way that moves people to come along. No matter what type of music fan you are, from Country to Funk, she makes it easy for you to fall in love with not only a sound, but a feeling she invokes. The soul behind her powerful vocals and stage presence are enough to make your knees wobble and your hair stand at attention.  She is a must see, listen, and feel!.


This is an album by Rebecca Coupe Franks in which I was a featured vocalist on. I sang lead on tracks 3, 6, & 12 and back-up vocals on track 2.You can download the individual tracks or the entire album. Check it out. I really love the vibe of this album!!

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COMMERCIAL: Hudson Valley Renegades – "Intruder"



















This is a short film I had the honor of working on at Vassar College called A DIFFERENT NIGHT. It is a very powerful story written and directed by one of my newly favorite directors, Gilad Thaler. It is a story of a family's personal struggle with religion and figuring out how to make space for each other's ideas and beliefs and love each other through it all.






Check out the trailer to the short film I am starring in, SPIN SLOWLY. In this psychological thriller, written and directed by T. George McArdle, take a ride through the abstract world of hallucinations, dreams and flashbacks where a young woman has to choose between her brother's suffering and her life.

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