Summer Corrie

photo Jeff Tisman

Summer Corrie was singing before she even started talking. That’s the tale her mom tells. What was that first song, you ask? Mickey by Toni Basil.” Oh Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine, you blow my mind. Hey Mickey.” Yeah, that one! And she just never stopped; her song selection has changed drastically, however. This is a girl who was born to sing.


Her first performance was when she was eight years old at her aunt’s wedding reception. Her song of choice at that time? Bette Midler’s, The Wind Beneath My Wings. What else would an eight-year old sing?! The “backwoods” wedding band didn’t know the song, but she didn’t care, she went right ahead and sang it acapella!  This tells me she not only has a big set of pipes…


She has continued to sing and perform through her life; influenced by Whitney Houston, Joan Baez, Patty Griffin, Martin Sexton, Katie Thompson, Broadway musicals, and countless others. Singing brought her into doing musical theatre, where she found her other love, acting. This brought Summer to her college studies in Theatre and Music at East Stroudsburg University, right down the street from her high school.


During her college years, she excelled by acting in many plays, singing in revue shows and choirs, even in her own band, while taking on (sometimes more than) the maximum amount of credits and finding herself often on the Dean’s List. During her senior year, she remembers having five shows open in one week. One of which was her one-woman show, which she comprised of different monologues, poems, and songs all surrounding a girl as she goes through the aging/maturing process.


After college, she moved to the Big Apple and enrolled in New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and Collaborative Arts Project 21 Conservatory’s Professional Musical Theatre Training Program. From there she went to become a member of the cast of HAIR with The Gallery Players. She recalls these 2 events as some of the best times of her life, and specifically “…fun and stimulating – Now, that’s an awesome combo!”.


She came to move up to the Catskill Mountains in 2005 and finds herself to be at home, “for now at least”. Here, she’s acted in plays and films and sang with a variety of different bands. Most notably, MAAZE, a jam-band where Summer would sing “soul” songs from Aretha Franklin to Joe Cocker to Grace Potter to Dolly Parton. No matter what song it is, if Summer is singing it, the word soul comes before the word song, it just does. If you haven’t experienced it yet, you’ll be happy when you do. Dare I say? Even moved. Currently, she is in the studio recording original songs co-written with guitarist, Chuck Valentine.


Summer also works as a NYS licensed massage therapist in her own practice, Sat Nam Massage, and as a certified Nia (a mixture of dance/martial arts/healing arts) instructor. She is a lover of kundalini yoga and of her amazing man. When speaking of this life of hers, she says, “This little piggie is fed!”. And of Summer Corrie, I can only quote her and say “fun and stimulating – Now, that’s an awesome combo!”